Chrome Plating

Elevating Excellence: Unleashing Impeccable Surface Finishes with Our Dual State-of-the-Art Electroplating Plants

Electroplating Excellence at Prius

We take pride in our cutting-edge electroplating facilities, boasting not one, but two fully equipped electroplating plants. Our expertise lies in providing impeccable surface finishes on plastic, elevating your products to new levels of sophistication and durability.

Our Electroplating Capabilities

Bright Chrome Plating

Immerse your plastic components in the timeless brilliance of bright chrome. Our state-of-the-art electroplating process ensures a mirror-like finish, adding a touch of elegance to your products.

Satin Chrome Plating

For a refined, matte appearance, choose our satin chrome plating. This finish is perfect for achieving a contemporary aesthetic while maintaining the durability that electroplating provides.

Black Chrome Plating

Make a bold statement with our black chrome plating. This unique finish not only adds a sleek, modern touch to your plastic parts but also enhances their resistance to wear and corrosion.

Copper Finish

Embrace the timeless allure of copper with our expertly applied copper finish. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, copper provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring longevity for your plastic components.

Why Choose Us

Precision and Perfection: Our electroplating process is a symphony of precision and perfection. Every component is treated with meticulous care to achieve the desired finish, ensuring uniformity and quality.

Comprehensive Expertise: From bright chrome to copper finishes, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of electroplating options. We cater to diverse industries, meeting the unique requirements of each project.

Quality Beyond Surface: Our commitment to quality goes beyond surface aesthetics. The electroplating at Prius enhances not only the visual appeal but also the durability and performance of your plastic components.

Ready to transform your plastic components? Contact us today to discuss your electroplating needs and discover the difference that precision and expertise can make.